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Benefits of Sending Your Children to a Private School

independent schoolsDid you know that pupils who visit an independent school are three times more likely to get top grades at A-level as compared to a state school? It is because of this and other benefits of independent schools that increasingly more parents in the UK are now opting to send their children to independent schools.

On the other hand, it’s not only for academic reasons that parents look towards privately operated schools, away from the state sector.

The Independent Schools Council conducted a survey in 2011 on why parents send their children to private schools. The study found that parents most commonly answered with “better standards for education”. Under reasons given had been more chances in life, but a career chances along with better discipline. In other words, parents in the UK know all very well about the reasons why they prefer independent schools over their state school equivalents.

Yet, private schools in the UK interest increasingly more families because of other reasons as well, including single sex education and boarding according to the study. Today, half of the U.K.’s independent schools are single sex. Resources and education facilities provided by the schools although often deemed as superior, this includes things such as tennis courts, pools or rugby pitches.

The chair man of the Independent Schools Council, Barnaby Lennon stated that many families in the UK to stool that their children to private schools because of a good amount of extracurricular activities offered there. We are talking about sports, music, drama, dance and other activities that are offered in abundance in the U.K.’s independent schools.

You can find more about the benefits of independent schools in the UK at https://www.theguardian.com/education/2012/jul/23/why-send-child-to-private-school with additional helpful resources at independent school Hertfordshire.