Month: August 2016

Electronic Invoicing and Online Invoicing

If you own a business and have never heard of online invoicing you may want to read this. Online invoicing (or: “electronic invoicing”) can help your festival planning business do your invoices much faster and a lot more cost-efficiently.

online invoicingTo give you an idea about electronic invoicing, you can compare it to email.

In the same way as email has revolutionized how we communicate with other, be it privately or in the business, electronic invoicing can make your invoicing process faster and easier.

Like you do with emails, you can create, send and receive electronic invoices online.

Rather than having to mail your invoices like you did previously, you can create your electronic invoices online and instantly send them by using a third-party electronic invoice service provider. The same is true the other way around, you are able to instantly receive invoices as well.

However, being able to instantly receive and send invoices is not the only benefit. Think about the cost savings not having to require staff for your invoices, not needing to operate a mailroom and of course the costs which would otherwise need to spend on postage. Additional cost savings from online invoicing can be from fewer mistakes in your invoicing process that could otherwise arise with ordinary invoices.

Online invoicing furthermore makes the management and organisation of your invoices a lot easier. All will be at one, central place from the instant you create your invoices.

The best thing about online invoicing is that it is cheap and suitable for any type of business.