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BBC Wales Announces Nominees For ‘Sports Personality 2014′

Georgia DaviesThe BBC Wales Has Announced The Nominees For Sports Personality 2014

Among the nominees are Gareth Bale, Elinor Barker and Jazz Carlin.

Gareth Bale was nominated because he is the first Welshman to score in a Champions League final. Elinor Barker was chosen because she won gold in the World and European Track championships.

The BBC also voted for Jazz Carlin who trains in Swansea and got two gold in the European Long Course Championships. She is also the first Welsh female swimmer in four decades to win gold in the Commonwealth Games.

Aside those aforementioned nominees, the BBC also nominated Manon Carpenter who Wwn the Mountain Biking Downhill World Cup and got gold at the Mountain Bike Downhill World Championships.

Georgia Davies from Swansea is another candidate. Georgia got silver in the Commonwealth Games 100m backstroke and won gold afterwards in the 50m competition.

Because he won the Ryder Cup for Europe, Jamie Donaldson is another BBC nominee.

Next is Rachel James who got two gold medals in the World Championships. She picked up two more gold later that years at the British National Track Championships.

Frankie Jones was chosen since he won one gold and five silvers making him the most successful individual Welsh athlete at the Commonwealth Games.

Natalie Powell was nominated because she is the winner of Wales’s first judo gold in the history of the Commonwealth Games.

Cyclist Geraint Thomas is on the list as well. He is the first Welshman to win cycling gold at the Commonwealth Games.

Voting will start on Monday, December 1 and it will last ’til Saturday, December 6 at 6pm.

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Want To Get Into The Event Planning Business? Some Tips

The event planning business can be rather challenging – this is not much different as compared to many other types of businesses today.

If you are intending to get into the event planning business, here are some tips you should consider.

Talent_management-2Choose and hire your employees carefully. As is so often the case today, it can be quite difficult to find motivated people that may be as committed and dedicated to your company or business as yourself.

The recruitment of the right staff for that reason deserves particular attention.

Here is a tip from my good friend Jeremy who faced the same challenges when he started out with his online retail business. At first he ran into countless problems because he kept hiring the wrong people.

Most of them didn’t really care for his company’s philosophy and this certainly showed, at least in the early days of his business.

What he did next was to apply a good talent management strategy. There are a multitude of reasons for that but in our case let us just focus on the recruitment side.

Talent management or human capital management can help you to get the right people and staff whether you are the head of an organization or happen to be a small business owner or entrepreneur.

Once you get employees who are committed and motivated it will help greatly to get your business up to a good start.

My other advice is that in case you happen to be new to this type of business you can visit courses at most community college us today where you can learn about the ins and outs of the event planning trade. This can also be very helpful to get you started.

Booking The Singing Waiters For Your Corporate Party

If you happen to plan a major party or event such as a wedding reception or corporate meeting, you will at some point face the decision to find the proper musicale entertainment.

Obviously, your choice here will depend on the type of event. A wedding reception within your family and relatives may have entirely different requirements than a big pool party or your annual company picnic.

Singing-waiters-4Fortunately, in terms of finding the proper musical entertainment for your party or event you have several good choices today.

The easiest way to go about it would be that you hire a skilled DJ.  Doing that may well be suitable for the majority of wedding reception or parties and arrears in principal nothing to say about it.

Obviously, there can be other factors at play such as your spending budget or your party guests taste in music.

Another alternative would be if you hire a life music band. If you do that you may perhaps go with a small ensemble consisting of only two or three musicians or depending on the size of your event in the space available a bigger band, complete with stage and lightning.

For wedding receptions and corporate events in particular, hiring The Singing Waiters can be a good idea. You can book them in addition to your other musical entertainment but you can likewise book them to provide for you your entire event’s musical entertainment for the entire day or night.

I recommend you see their website Secret Singers at if you are interested in booking The Singing Waiters.

Resources With Tips For Corporate Events

Corporate events sometimes can be a finicky issue. You need to find the right balance of what your guests may like while also needing to be a lot more careful in terms of entertainment, unlike as with other types of events or parties.

At http://karting.daytona.co.uk/general/five-tips-for-an-effective-corporate-entertainment-event and http://www.keithprowse.co.uk/bespoke_event-planning-tips.aspx I found some good tips that can help you with your planning.

If you stick to those above tips your next corporate event should go smoothly.